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The Perfect Gift this Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is here! Do you ever wonder, ‘What should I get my loved ones?’ Well we here at Flint Area Writers have the answer for you. Support your local authors and buy some books!

‘Why should I buy from Indie Writers?’

Let me give you some reasons!

First, authors spend a lot of time, energy, blood, sweat, tears, and sanity to write these stories. Some takes months for a first draft some take weeks and others take years. Those are hours often tagged on to everyday lives of families, and day jobs.

Second, Indie authors put a lot of money into their work. An Indie author is someone who self-publishes. Meaning they pay for their own cover or the software to make their own. They pay for their own editing and design work. They pay for all of the marketing. Many authors will put hundreds if not thousands of dollars into their beloved work and hope they see just a small percentage of that money back in sales.

‘But paperback books are so expensive and my loved one doesn’t read them anymore they use Kindle.’

That’s true!

The cost of paperback books went up, with it, sales went down. Still, some people love the feel of a solid book in their hands or the smell of new ones. Indie authors try to price their books as low as possible in order to make some of that money we talked about earlier back, but also to assure others can afford it.

Good news though if your loved one uses Kindle, most Indie Writers sell Kindle versions and these can be gifted to family and friends.

So, what should you get for your loved ones this time of year? The answer is simple. Gift two people and buy an Indie book!

And here are Flint Area Writers, we have something for everyone:

Do you have young adults? Kids ready to go onto college? Then perhaps you want to check out authors Holly Hook, Kayla Langmaid or Tiffanie Shaw.

Do you have friends and family who like mysteries and romances? Then check out Nancy Tucker.

Like more of the literary stuff? Then take a look at Chris Dungey.

Want to dive into new worlds and meet new people? See a dystopian world? Take a look at Martha Allard, Gerald Browning, Valerie Savage Kinney, Melodie Bolt, Holly Hook, Kayla Langmaid, Tiffanie Shaw or Flint Area Writers own collection of stories Out of the Green.

Like Philosophy and pop culture? Then go see Gerald Browning.

We have over seventy books to pick from! So, come take a look at our BOOK SHOP. Buy a paperback, send a Kindle Edition to a friend’s phone, support a local author trying to bring joy and entertainment to others, and find yourself falling in love with new characters and places this holiday season.

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