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Here you will find the books that our members have published. Click on the author's name to see more of their work. Happy Reading!

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This is a collection of stories about being lost, and being found. They are myths retold through the lens of a new century. Here you’ll find a koi-girl and her grandfather, living in a stream in the mountains of Tennessee, waiting to become more. There are a pair of bickering celestials in a dive bar that exists in any city in the world, at any given time. A guardian of the moon, out of a job, and trying to care for his daughter the best he can on the streets of Flint Michigan. Angels, fairies, vampires, and junkies fill these pages, but most of all, magic.

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Why read a book about Amy Schumer and philosophy? After all, Amy Schumer is primarily known as a comedian, though she is also an actor, writer, and producer. One reason is that it will be enlightening. Amy Schumer is one of a handful of contemporary comedians filling the role of public philosopher. To be clear, Amy herself does not claim to be offering wisdom. 

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Flint Area Writers

Thirteen stories from Out of the Green that venture into the twisted world of Fairy. Many of the Flint Area Writers are featured here writing about pixies, fairies, dryads and more.

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“We had a crowd at the house that night, and even though I was careful about the frailty of my glass; even though I remembered to hold it just tightly enough to keep my grasp, but not so tightly I caused it any more harm; even though I was cautious about the perspiration dripping down the sides... even so, my glass still broke. It broke in the darkness, the deep of the night so black the stars were barely visible. Just before 1 a.m., when the rest of the world had the audacity to be sleeping, that’s when it happened. And the world continued to slumber, just as it always had, just as if my glass, my special, perfect glass, had not just shattered all over the floor.” 

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Prince Endymion wants to get away. Away from the father who abandoned him as a child. Away from the new Kingdom-State he thought could make everything better. So when his cousin Prince Aldis, heir to the throne, assigns him to the Human Transfer Program, a part of the Coexistence Project, it's just one more obstacle to fleeing.

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The word conjures up images of jail cells, steel bars, guards, chain gangs, prison stripes and more. This anthology features seventeen authors, including Flint Area Writer Melodie Bolt, exploring future incarceration methods. 

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10+ year Member, FAW​​

  • MFA-in Writing

  • MA-English Composition & Rhetoric

  • Lifetime member of SFPA (Science Fiction Poetry Assoc. 

  • Finalist - Speculative Literature Foundation, Working Writers Grant, 2016

  • James Tiptree Jr. Fairy Godmother Award

1970's America was in moral upheaval. Hector Fritch, like Baby Boomers everywhere, struggles with Middle Class angst and drudgery. Will the "party" of the '70s have too many consequences? Can Hector manage his job & marriage without ruining it?

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Cursed Academy Year One and a Half.jpg

As a budding immortal who could mold into anything, staying in Cursed Academy doesn't bode well. She'll probably end up a goddess of disaster or tripping, according to her new boyfriend Ronin. But transferring to Olympian with Ronin means breaking an oath made by the gods on the River Styx--and the gods won't he happy. So long as Giselle bears Prometheus's mark, she stays at his school.

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Kaelin, a human living in the new but not better America, is given the chance to participate in the Coexistence Project to prove humans and vampire can live together in harmony. Orphaned as a child, he has bounced, unwanted, from one home to another, trying to survive in a world that's already proven that the real monsters live down the hall. 

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Alyssa Mallory and Nick Trammel are plunged into a roller coaster adventure. Chased by men with guns, Alyssa and Nick find themselves in a desperate race against time to figure out why they are targets. Alyssa is faced with a terrible choice, one that could save her life, but might cost her the man she loves.    

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