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Our Meetings



We meet every 2 weeks, on Friday, from 7pm to 10pm.

Currently we are meeting via Zoom for most meetings, though we are transitioning back to meeting in person from time to time.


We have two types of meetings at this time. Critique meetings and writing meetings. There are 3 critique meetings for every 1 writing meeting.  

Short Stories



Oral Critique

Writing Meetings

What is oral critique and how does it work?

We read aloud for approximately ten minute, which is typically eight to ten pages double spaced. Listeners take notes. When the author is finished reading, each group member provides improvised "cold" critique based on what they heard.

We praise original writing so you know what you're doing right.

Any sections that need clarity, we provide feedback so the author can revise to make the piece stronger and, potentially, more publishable.


  • Reading aloud is good practice for public readings.

  • Reading aloud helps the author catch their own mistakes.

  • Cold critique requires no prep time (reading manuscripts, writing comments) because there is no advance distribution of work. No prep time is key for busy writers. And we're all busy, right?

  • We leave the copy editing to the pros (and we have several).

  • A 2 week deadline keeps your writing.

What is a writing meeting and how does it work?

Members get together and work in the same room on their own current WIP. They can use this time to write, edit, plot or any other things they need to do for their current piece. Members start the meetings with role call and then determine how long they want to write before a break and a check in. The number of "sessions" will be determined by the members present.


  • Sometimes life is busy and we don't always get a chance to just write. This time has been blocked off for meetings anyway and it's a good chance to focus on our work.

  • Other authors are working and we find that if you are around people who are working, you tend to get into a work mindset and thus work better.

  • There are authors there who can help with plot questions or word choices during breaks and mini talks between writing sessions.

Sample Critique Meeting:

7:00-7:30 Check in/Business
7:30-7:45 Roll Call/Reading List
7:45-7:50 Break
7:50-8:00 First Reader
8:00-8:10 Critique
8:10-8:15 Break
8:15-8:25 Second Reader
8:25-8:35 Critique
8:35-8:40 Break

8:40-8:50 Third Reader
8:50-9:00 Critique
9:00-9:05 Break
9:05-9:15 Fourth Reader
9:15-9:25 Critique
9:25-9:30 Break

9:30-9:40 Fifth Reader

9:40-9:50 Critique

 9:50-10:00 Wrap Up

Sample Writing Meeting:

7:00-7:15 Check in/Business
7:15-8:00 Eat/Roll Call

8:00-8:45 First Writing Session

8:45-9:00 Check in/Break

9:00-9:45 Second Writing Session

9:45-10:00 Check in/Wrap Up

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