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Dues are $25 per year * New Members are $10

Welcome New Members

Flint Area Writers is a non-profit organization that has been in existence since 1942. The group evolved over the years, but our commitment to provide encouragement and honest critique for our members has not wavered. We are glad you have decided to join us.

Meeting Information:

  1. Come as often as possible. Critique is mutual and your writing will benefit from a deadline and timely criticism.

  2. Out of respect, be on time.

  3. We do a roll call. Tell us about your writing, marketing, and sales news.

  4. Meeting dates are posted on the website. If there are changes, we'll post on Facebook. Please join us there. 

  5. Please add a frequent attendee as an FAW contact person in your phone. Just in case.


Readers have approximately 20 minutes to read. Most of us read 10 minutes or less so we get feedback.

As a Reader: 

  1. Tell the group, briefly, what you're reading. Include any useful backstory.

  2. If you're looking for specific feedback, let us know.

  3. Don't read too fast. Everyone's nervous when they first start, but go slowly.

  4. You'll be tempted to respond as we let you know what we thought, but don't talk back during the critique.

  5. Take notes as people share feedback. We'll hand you what we've written down, but everything we say isn't on there.

As a Critiquer:

  1. Bring a pen and notebook to every meeting.

  2. Respect the reader by listening!


    2. Don't talk to someone else while an author reads. Keep noisy fidgeting to a minimum as well. We need to hear the author to contribute.

    3. If you have an urgent matter, please leave the room to handle it.

  3. Write notes while listening. They keep your response organized and at the end of the critique, you'll hand them over to the author (to help them with revision).

  4. If you don't know what to say, just pass. You don't need to explain.

  5. If you do have something to say, balance your negative and positive comments.

  6. Critique how the work is written. Disagreements over your morals, politics, or religion vs those in the material don't provide productive critique.

  7. However, if you don't understand something, let the author know.

We're excited to hear your writing and to have you as part of our network of successful authors.

New Member Application

Download a pdf

As a Member You: 

~ Get to read your work and get feedback

~ Have your work promoted on the website
~ Have a vote that counts

~ Have opportunities to attend retreats

~ Have opportunities to sell your book at events

~ Hold an office (if you meet the other guidelines)

~ And more as club grows!

Types of Members:

Active Members: Members over the age of seventeen who have an approved application and who pay dues.

Friends of Club: Members who pay dues but may not attend meetings on a regular bases

Gold Members: Been in club 20 years or more

Lifetime Members: Members who no longer pay dues but who have been decided by The Board of Directors.

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