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Roll Call Supreme – 2020 to 2021

Every year, at our annual business meeting Flint Area Writers has a special roll call that encompasses not just each members writing news for the past two weeks, but their news for the whole past year. We call it Roll Call Supreme.

This year, the pandemic year it seems particularly important to share our accomplishments, or even our efforts in writing. 2020 was fraught with sleepless nights, sickness and fear, for everyone. Writing anything, let alone pushing it out into the world seemed a much heavier task than before. So, while we applaud everyone who had acceptances, we also want to mention writing strides that were made in other ways. It was a terrible year. Let’s celebrate everything we can now.

So, without further ado, we give you ROLL CALL SUPREME:

Melodie Bolt

· “Eldritch Mother,” poem, forthcoming in Under Her Skin, Black Spot Books, April 2022

· “Tidewrack,” short story, forthcoming from Aphotic Realm, July 2021

· “Mary,” poem, Paper Dragon, February 17, 2021

· “Tale of the Rabbit and Crow”, poem, Paper Dragon, Issue One: Recovery & Resilience, Fall 2020

· “Glint,” short story, Pussy Magic, Samhain: All Hallows Eve, 2020

· “Mouthwatering,” poem, Pussy Magic, Samhain: All Hallows Eve, 2020

· “What Remains,” poem, Pussy Magic, Samhain: All Hallows Eve, 2020

· “Corseted Soldier”, poem, Prairie Schooner, 2020

Gerald Browning

· “Giggling in the Dark” short story, Night to Dawn, forthcoming this fall

· Completed chapter, nonfiction, Black Panther and Philosophy, forthcoming 2022

· Work in progress, nonfiction, Supernatural and Philosophy, vol. 2

· Completed chapter, nonfiction, Indiana Jones and Philosophy, forthcoming 2022

· Completed chapter, nonfiction, Expanse and Philosophy, forthcoming 2022

· Work in progress, The Demons We Create, horror, sequel to Demon in My Head

· Work in progress, Bring Me Back, horror

Chris Dungey

· "Brush", short story, Brownbag Online, 2021

· Revised two stories, “Register” and Prisoners

· Work in progress, Evacuation Route, literary novel

Holly Hook

· Completed Forgotten Vampires series (Three Books)

· Started Presidential Vampire series (Two Published, Last one out July 15)

· Completed Cursed Wolves series (Three Books)

· Split off into apocalyptic fiction and starting new pen name (Re-writing apocalyptic story)

Kayla Langmaid

· Accepted as Author for Pride Publishing

· Published Book One in Out in Austin Series “Teddy’s Truth”

· Submitted Book Two in Out in Austin Series “Shiloh’s Secret”

· Starting Writing Book Three in Out in Austin Series “Untitled”

· Wrote 40,000 words in Untitled “Demon Book”

Tiffanie Shaw

· Worked on and nearly finished novel “Mine”

· Finished second draft of Short Story “The Barn”

· Finished Short Story “All You Knew”

· Finished first draft of Short Story “Once You Know”

· Finished Short Story “Parasites”

· Started novel “Them”

· Found a TON of old short stories, songs, and poems to evaluate and work on

John McKeown

· Worked on a fantasy novella with a placeholder title “Threads”

· Worked on a sci-fi novella with a placeholder title “Axis”

· Worked on a horror short story with a placeholder title “Asynchronous”

Nancy Tucker

· “Changes”, poem, NMC Magazine, Volume 43 Issue 2: Pandemic Edition

Martha J Allard

· Finished New-Victorian novel, now rewriting

· Finished 15 pieces of flash fiction, with about five more nearly complete

· Worked on the sequel to “Speak My Name”

· Began another psychic vampire story

We’re all ready for the coming year. Chris Dungey can’t wait for Starbucks to open so he can go back to his morning routine of coffee and his legal pad at one of their tiny tables. Tiffanie Shaw is looking through her back catalogue to regauge her future writing. Kayla Langmaid has deadlines to face. Melodie Bolt will continue to write and send out short fiction and poetry. She is also looking forward to revising her novel in progress. Martha J Allard is hoping to write enough flash for a short collection and to get her novel ready to submit by Christmas.

We especially all want to meet again in person and find more ways to support each other. We can’t wait to put our writing into people’s hands and find opportunities to grow our little group. We’re ready to move forward again.


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