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Active Member (10+ years)
​Melodie Bolt is a writer of novels, short stories, and poetry. Her verse has been featured in Prairie Schooner, Verse Wisconsin, Under Her Skin, and more. Her debut novel will be out December 1, 2022.

  • MFA-in Writing

  • MA-English Composition & Rhetoric

  • Lifetime member of SFPA (Science Fiction Poetry Assoc. 

  • Member - Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers

  • Supporting Member - Horror Writers Association

  • Finalist - Speculative Literature Foundation, Working Writers Grant, 2016

  • James Tiptree Jr. Fairy Godmother Award

Published Works


The word conjures up images of jail cells, steel bars, guards, chain gangs, prison stripes and more. 

In this anthology seventeen authors tell tales of possible future incarceration methods:
Genetic Engineering to create a new breed of prison guards.
Viral Engineering to create a medically induced coma that can be programmed for a specific length of time.
Prisoners who volunteer to be human Guinea Pigs to receive early releases – if they survive.
A “Fun House” that helps people to move past their prejudices and pre-conceived ideas of others.

These and other forms of imprisonment are available for you to explore – from a safe distance – in these pages. Some are indictments of the system, with those who are not-guilty punished for something they didn’t do. Some offer harsh punishments for what seems like only a minor infraction and others explore the human side of imprisonment in unique ways. Join us – we promise you’ll be released at the end of each story. 

Featuring stories by: Rebecca McFarland Kyle, David Boop, Melodie Bolt, Dean Anthony Brink, Dawn M Sooy, A. L. Sirois, David B Riley, Lauren C Teffeau, Andrew M Seddon, Cheryl Toner, S. D. Matley, Catrin Sian Rutland, Frank Montellano, Gerry Griffiths, Liam Hogan, Lyn Godfrey, and R. Joseph Maas

The sound of freedom, power and MAGIC. Horses have the gift of carrying us to far-off lands, accompanying us on adventures and fueling imaginations. In addition to the magic to be found mundane horses – there are the magical horses of legends and lore – unicorns and pegasi – staples of fantasy literature – and more. In Hoofbeats, you will meet magical horses, unicorns, and pegasi – as well as a couple of mechanical horses that are more alive than they appear, carousel horses that take their riders on a journey with the Wild Hunt, the spirit pony of a powerful Shaman, a Kelpie and a Nyx. All members of the magical equine family. Join our authors as they bring us 22 tales filled with the magic only an equine possesses.


Featuring stories by: J.A. Campbell, Rie Sheridan Rose, Liam Hogan, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Wayland Smith, Rebecca McFarland-Kyle, Misha Nogha, L.J. Bonham, Noel Ayers, Sanan Kolva, M.H. Bonham, Carol Hightshoe, April Douglas, Melodie Bolt, Cynthia Ward, Dana Bell, Steve Ruskin, Amanda Faith, F.J. Bergmann

What happens when the dragon gets tired of being the dragon? How does Prince Charming respond to his mail? What are a witch's favorite things? How does an angry troll pass all that time spent under the bridge? In the Garden of the Crow presents the dark re-imaginings of over 30 poets including Joshua Gage, Jennifer Lynn Krohn, Charles M. Saplak, and Gerri Leen.

From historic fiction to scintillating erotica, from the dusty Old West to the pristine countryside of Iceland, from witches and shamans to selkies and skunks, the medley of stories in this collection of pagan fiction are as eclectic and wonderfully multifaceted as Paganism itself.

The first fiction anthology dedicated exclusively to pagan voices and themes, this thirteen-tale pagan fiction sampler is the result of contest sponsored by book publisher Llewellyn and PanGaia magazine. These stories emerged from hundreds of submissions and were hand-selected by a jury of writers and editors, including renowned Neopagan leader and author Diana L. Paxson.


Stories by A. C. Fisher Aldag • Vylar Kaftan  • Deborah Blake • Alex Bledsoe • C. S. MacCath • Eugie Foster • Linda Steele • Paula Stiles • Melodie Bolt • Sophie Mouette • April • A. L. Waldron

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