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Tales from Gilchrist

This past weekend some of our members visited Three Rivers, Michigan to the quiet retreat of Gilchrist. We've been doing this twice a year for several years now. It's a few days away from everything. Time to relax, restart, and write.

This weekend I went with the goal of figuring out a character's backstory. I didn't set anything solid like a word count or a page count. Just.... start the backstory. Some days I wrote more and some I wrote less. One day I was so tired I spent the day enjoying the world around me as I laid in bed.

Everyone goes for something different though. Some go with a solid goal in mind, some go and use it as time to re-work a part not working or to just step away from everything and relax.

Not everyone in club attends, but it is the special offer we have for active members.

And even though I have gone multiple times... it never fails, I get there, and I just.. find calm and the energy to write.

I hope all of you have a place like that. A place of piece that allow you to just write and relax. Even if it's not a cabin in the woods.

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