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open 9/15/2023 - 1/15/2024


Abandoned Monsters, front cover 2.png

Flint Area Writers is seeking stories and poetry about the monsters who live in Flint, Michigan.

Even before the water crisis, Flint was written off as a zombie city—too soft in the head to know it’s dead. When the auto industry fled, decades ago it left behind vacant warehouses, poisoned soil, and a jobless generation. This new century brought us the corruption that led to the water crisis. More poison spread through the pipes.

We want your stories and poetry about the monsters that these and a hundred other misfortunes have brought to our city, human or not. What lives in the abandoned houses now? Who stalks the fields of broken concrete, held in by rusted chain link fences?

Give us monsters, who rage, give us monsters who are just trying to fit in, who mourn their lives that were. Give us humans that are broken, cryptids that lurk among us, or more traditional monsters that have been here all along. We want short stories with original characters.

What We Want:

Favored genres:
     Contemporary and Dark Fantasy,
     Modern Fairytale, Horror.
     We will consider most other genres,
     including literary fiction and romance.

Favored word counts:
    Short stories: 1000-10,000 words,
    Flash: 500-1000,
    Micro Fiction: under 500 words,
    Poetry: we are actively interested in free verse,
    but will consider other forms.
    You may send us two short stories, 
three Flash
    or Micro fiction, and up to five poems.

Multiple Submissions:
    We're accepting multiple submissions. Just let
     us know if you're accepted elsewhere. 

We Absolutely are not interested in:

Pedophilia or underaged sex,
No rape for entertainment’s sake. No graphic sex, think PG-13.
We’re not looking for extreme horror or erotica on this one. Absolutely no hate speech.

NOTE - We will not consider stories written, co-written, or created by AI and machine-learning languages such as ChatGPT.


submission guidelines:

     Use Modern Shunn formatting. Include a cover letter       telling us a little bit about you and your writing. 

     Email word doc./docx. to:

Payment will be one contributor’s print copy.

Additional copies will be available for order at a reduced rate.

Publication in 2024

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