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Getting Freelance Writing Gigs While Studying

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Getting Freelance Writing Gigs While Studying

Freelance writing gigs are a fantastic way to earn a living shortly after graduating or during your studies. If you're a natural wordsmith and are passionate about writing, you should have no problem establishing yourself in the writing world. To further enhance your position in the industry, you should upskill yourself with a few online courses — no education is ever wasted. Writing is a mosaic of various fields, so you first need to establish where your field of interest lies. Here are some tips on finding freelance writing gigs.

Commercial writing. This is sales and marketing copy, usually for websites, and e-commerce sites requiring various product descriptions — think Argos, Tescos, and Marks & Spencer. Commercial content often needs to be strategic with short sentences.

Blogs, websites, and articles. This is designed for the creative writer who enjoys writing more long-form copy that's a balance of attention-grabbing copy and marketing copy.

SEO writing. Search engine optimization writing means that you use specific keywords in copy to help websites and social media posts outperform the competition. You use targeted keywords and variations a certain number of times in the text, hyperlink words, and focus on getting the article on the top page of Google.

Academic and technical. Technical writing is normally instructional, while academic writing focuses on high-level research.

E-books and authoring. Writing e-books is an ideal avenue for budding authors. The ebook industry is on the rise.

After you've decided what field appeals to you, enhance your skills in that area. If you're unsure at first, you might want to try various fields. If that's the case with you, opt for a generic online copywriting course. If you're technical and love anything web-related, sign-up for an SEO copywriting course. Another option is to do your Google exams, which will increase your knowledge of online marketing and how search engines operate.

When you’re ready to begin your freelance writing career, consider registering as a limited liability company. You’ll gain tax advantages and flexibility, and your personal assets will be protected in case of litigation.

How to Market Your Writing Services

You need to establish a portfolio before applying for jobs. Start a blog and dedicate time to writing 5 to 10 articles across a variety of topics purely as links. Be sure to scan in any academic articles you've written, textbooks, papers, and upload these to a portfolio section of your blog.

Here are a few ways of finding gigs:

1. Find academic editing websites and apply to be one of their editors.

2. Sign up for commercial content websites and grab jobs from the dashboard when you need them.

3. For more creative content, join freelancer hubs where you can tailor-make your profile and provide details about the services you offer.

Ensure You Get Paid by Establishing a Process for Invoicing

Once you’ve written content for a client, you’ll want to bill them immediately for your work. If possible, offer clients the convenience of at least two different payment options. You can create branded invoices by using an invoice maker free tool. Select a template and then add your own terms, colors, background, and logo.

Freelance Writing

What was a part-time gig can very quickly become full-time. A multitude of writers start off writing for extra cash, but soon find their niche and pursue writing as their career. Choose your writing niche, market your services, and create an invoicing process, and you’ll be on your way!

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Sharon Wagner, a former bank manager, now spends her time helping seniors reach health and well-being goals. She created to provide helpful tips and advice to seniors on staying healthy and making the most out of life.


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