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Write. Revise. Publish.

Take your writing to the next level.

We offer feedback from published authors.

Marketing advice. Opportunities to sell books.

Retreats. Readings. And interaction with people who love reading and writing.

That's who we are. We meet in person at the Gloria Coles Flint Public Library every 2 weeks from 2pm to 5pm. 

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by Melodie Bolt

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War and Kittens

by Holly Hook

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The magical creatures in Flint are being murdered and Koko and Damien hardly know each other, let alone how to track down serial killers. Each death is tipping the balance toward something darker. The killers have their own agenda: to leave the mortal world and live their fairytale ending in Fairy, and they will kill everything they can to get there. How can Damien and Koko find and stop them before the real evil unfolds?

Fix - Changeling from Fairy who wants to return  home. He thinks he can get there with the help of Jira's shark magic.
Jira - a Japanese Italian heiress who longs for a place called home and someone to share it. She’ll do anything to help the love of her life including murder.
Damien - A golden born dragon. Smart with no street smarts. Definitely doesn't know how to track down serial killers. Might like Koko.
Kishona - Koko- daughter of the Sekhmet line. Granddaughter to the Flint Guardian. Trying to find her path until catching serial killers becomes her purpose.
Amera - Fix's Fairy mother who wants a life with her Unseelie lover, Sting.
Sting - Fix's Fairy father who believes love can undo everything.

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