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Welcome 2020!

Happy New Years! We here at Flint Area Writers hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable New Years Eve!

Some changes are happening for Flint Area Writers. Due to the closing of Baker College in Flint we are no longer meeting there. If you are a new member looking to come see us, please message us so we can let you know where we are.

Currently, we are jumping between members homes until we can find a new place. If you know of anywhere in Flint willing to host us, please let us know so we can get in touch with them. Until then, please bare with us during this change.

We are also in talks about making one of our meetings every other month or so into a writing meeting instead of a critique group. This means you will show up ready to put some work in and we'll write silently. For members who are busy and struggle to find time in their schedules to write, we hope this will allow them a time, already blocked out for group, to put in some writing time. Once we have those dates picked up and schedule we will post them onto our website.

Happy 2020!! Happy Writing!

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