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Author Interview: K.J. Lyons

Hello! Thank you for agreeing to interview for our blog. Tell me about yourself?

I am 51 years old, retired teacher, 2 year leg amputee. I live at home in Cincinnati, Ohio with my family.

How long have you been writing for?

I have written from the time I was in grade school. I picked up more writing in high school and after. I started writing full time in 2014.

Can you tell me about your novels?

My first published under KJ Lyons is “Hope in the Ashes.” It’s about a girl who travels to New York City to see her boyfriend on 9/11/2001. She gets caught up in the chaos of helping people with her nursing skills while trying to find her boyfriend. She has some rough decisions to make as she finds herself caught up in more drama. The second one that will be published, is a remake of an old novella that was published under a different Pen name. It is now called, “Heaven Sent.” It is about a girl who has leukemia and finds herself on a journey of finding a cure for herself. She finds new friends and new cultures along that way. She has to decide which is the best to believe for her healing. I have two others that I will be publishing in 2020. “An Angel for the Summer” about a mother who has a dying five year old daughter who talks to her dead father. She has to struggle with continuing to fight for her treatments or to let her go. The last novel is called, “The Dillon Project.” A famous pianist comes home to recover from a loss of her mentor. In the meantime, she agrees to tutor her new boyfriend’s brother, who has a brain tumor, on the piano. They create a song together. Things get rough and she has her own decisions to make.

What is your writing environment like? Do you write with music or in silence? Do you prefer to be alone or with others around? Do you write with pen and paper or on a computer?

I have to have something in the background. It’s usually TV. I get inspiration from there and music.

What are the difficulties of being an Indie Writer?

The biggest difficulty right now is finding out how to market your book once it is published.

What do you enjoy most about being an Indie Writer?

Knowing that I wrote a book and published it regardless of how popular it is.

Where do your ideas come from?

Reading, TV, movies, music, family

What genre do you enjoy writing most? Have you tried different genres in the past?

Romance suspense. I have also dabbled in fantasy and mystery.

Who is your favorite character from all of your stories? Or the one that has stuck with you?

Rand and Kensie Gilliam.

Do you read your reviews? How do you use good/bad reviews?

I do read them. I read both. I think the bad helps you to see how to improve for next time.

What would you tell your past self when you were first starting to write?

Stick with it and don’t give up. Don’t wait so long to get back into writing.

Where can we go to find out the latest information about you and your writing?

On my Facebook page

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