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Special Edition! - Come See Us

This October the Flint Area Writers will be out and about! Come stop by and check it out.

First you can see us this tomorrow, October 12th at the Flint Art Walk. We'll be located at the Lunch Studio from 6 to 9 pm. We will be selling books and some of our writer's will be reading some short pieces. Come learn about the club, listen to some awesome stories and buy some books for the holiday season coming up!

If you can't make it tomorrow, then come see us October 27th. We will be in two places.

First you can come visit the Flint Literary Festival. Some of our members will be hosting a panel discussion called, "Finding Your Pack" - Do you want feedback from more than your family? Do you want to connect with other writers? Join the Flint Area Writers for “Finding Your Pack” as they discuss the benefits of forming a critique group. The Flint Area Writers is a non-profit organization, first organized in 1942, dedicated to the advancement of fiction writing and poetry through oral critique.

Come listen at 11 am at Flint Public Library.

You can also hear member, Kacey, at the Festival at 3 pm at the Flint Public Library. Her panel is called, "Taking Your Writing Online" - The internet provides endless opportunities for writers to hone, submit, and present their work, as well as find community, but where does one start? From navigating Twitter to finding critique partners and online competitions, panelists will explore and explain the myriad of resources available to writers today.

If you don't want to attend the Literary Festival you can come see us at the Flint Horror Festival on the same day. We are going to have a table, be passing out information and selling books. Our member, Valarie Savage Kinney will also have a table. So come check us out and buy some books! At Mott Community College from 12 to 9 pm.

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