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Recent Interviews with Martha J. Allard

With the release of Black Light, Martha Allard has been in the spotlight answering important questions regarding her choices, inspiration and challenges she's faced while writing her first novel.

Here's what she had to say...

"One the the weird/cool things that has happened since the book came out is that people have asked me a whole bunch of questions that I don't usually get. Okay, I'll be honest, nobody's ever asked me anything about what I write before. I did, over the last month, a series of interviews about Black Light, and about writing in general.

Shels Walter asked me about nail polish, and music. Coreena McBurnie wanted to know, pants or plot. I bet you know which one I chose, right? Fiona McVie let me talk about religious experiences. And Terrie Leigh asked me about the nature of writing..."

Read more here: MARTHA J ALLARD BLOG

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