Madison, Wisconsin. 2016.

Martha Allard and author Loren Rhodes attended WISCON. Rhodes and Allard, both members of Broad Universe, read at the BU Rapid Fire Reading.

In addition to panels, lectures and reading, Allard promoted her debut novel Black Light. ​








Chicago, Illinois. 2016.

Kacey Vanderkarr and another book lover attended the impressive and massive BOOKEXPO AMERICA.

They had a huge haul of free books and got to schmooze with big name authors. 


Detroit, Michigan.

Attended by Melodie Bolt whose fiction and poetry has appeared in a Llwellyn anthology and the pagan magazines "Pan Gaia" and "Witches and Pagans." For more information on next year's convention, click here.


Every May (Memorial Day Weekend) Since 1983

In Lansing, Michigan. It brings all Media form  in the beginning it was ground breaking in connecting home computers to television to Video to printer's - so other things could be produced (cups, t-shirts, mouse pads). Every fandom known, past and present is represented.

Attended By: Kelly Dwyer and Martha Allard

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Samantha Jones

Above - The haul from BookExpo America

Below - BU Table at WisCon


Detroit, Michigan

ConFusion is a premier event for publishing professionals and fans alike. It is hailed as a place to experience programming and guests on the caliber you find at a WorldCon, while located in a convenient and affordable setting.

Attended By: Martha Allard



A weekend-long convention, ConClave (Now The Continuum) is a Science Fiction, Fantasy celebration that is dedicated to the education and literacy through the advancements of Science Fiction. It was attended by Martha Allard.

Flint Area Writers 2021

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