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Constitution of the Flint Area Writers

Article 1: Organization

     Section A.

          Name: The name of this organization is Flint Area Writers (FAW).

     Section B.

          Purpose: The Flint Area Writers is a non-profit organization, first organized in 1942 as a writing club, dedicated to the advancement           of fiction writing and poetry with particular emphasis on critique for people who write.

     Section C.

          This organization shall be non-political and non-sectarian in all of its relationships. The group does not discriminate on the basis of           race, gender, marital status, ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

     Section D.

          This organization shall maintain a charter in the state of Michigan as a non-profit.

Article 2: Membership

     Section A.

          Membership Committee: Shall be appointed by the President to review applications and writing samples submitted by prospective              members. Decisions on acceptances are by Committee majority.

     Section B.

          Prospective Members: Must be over the age of 17 and exhibit a commitment to writing.

     Section C.

          Membership: The process of joining is (1) interested party completes an application and submits it to the Secretary. The                                  Membership Committee shall (2) review the application. On approval, (3) the applicant must pay annual dues. Without these steps              completed, attendees shall be considered Guests.

     Section D.

          Expulsion: Members and Guests may be expelled from group meetings and/or annual membership by majority vote of the                                membership. The President, or acting President, retains the right to expel, during a meeting, a guest or member who is excessively              distracting, does not abide by the bylaws, or puts others in danger physically, emotionally, or mentally.  

Article 3 Officers

     Section A. 

          Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary & Treasurer shall be elected annually at the business meeting.

     Section B.

          Candidates must be age 18 or older and a member for a minimum of 6 months. Both Candidates and Incumbent Officers shall                        provide a personal statement (if requested by the membership) regarding their commitment to the office and also provide                              suggestions to improve the organization based on the needs of the membership.  

     Section C.

          Voting: Only members may vote. In absentee votes must be given, via text or email, to the Secretary before the Annual Business                    Meeting.     

     Section D.

          If a vacancy in Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer occurs after the annual election, the office shall be filled by appointment by              the President. If the office of President becomes vacant, the office shall be filled by the Vice-President until a majority member vote            is cast at any regular meeting to fill the office.

Article 4 Executive Board

     Section A.

          Executive Board: Shall consist of the duly elected officers.

     Section B.

          Special Committees shall be established or dissolved by the Executive Board as from time to time may be required to sustain the                  functions of the society. 

Article 5 Board of Directors

     Section A.

          Shall consist of the current President, the most immediate past President, and one other member as determined by the majority                  vote of the membership. The purpose of the Board of Directors shall be guidance as requested by the Executive Board.

Article 6 Meetings

     Section A.

          Meetings: Regular meetings shall be held bi-weekly on Fridays in a location arranged by the Executive Board. Meetings for the                      Executive Board exclusively will be scheduled at their discretion.

Article 7 Marketing

     Section A.

          Internet Presence: A website and domain shall exist to provide information on the organization, its members, and its meeting times            and locations.

     Section B.

          Publication: FAW shall choose to maintain a blog and publish anthologies or other projects as it sees fit.

     Section C.

          Logo: FAW shall have the authority to create its logo.

Bylaw 1

     Section 1

          Membership: All prospective members must submit a written application. If an application is rejected, the Membership Committee              chairperson shall provide an explanation. Any rejected applicants may reapply.

     Section 2

          Dues: Dues are on a 12 month basis from annual business meeting to annual business meeting. The amount of dues may be                            increased or decreased as determined by majority vote to accommodate special projects.

          In the event of financial hardship, the Executive Board and Membership Committee may choose to sponsor a member or applicant.

          In the event of a member dropping out or being expelled for a period of one year or more and they then wish to rejoin, they may                    apply.

          No cancellations or refund of dues shall be paid.

          Non-payment of dues shall be considered equivalent to resignation as an FAW member unless extenuating circumstances are given            or known. 

     Section 3

          Types of Membership:

               * Member: Over age 17, approved application, paid dues

               * Gold: Member for over 20 years 

               * Honorary or Life Member: At the discretion of the Board of Directors.

     Section 4

          Membership Benefits

               * Voting: One vote for each officer at the annual Business Meeting. Nomination of others for candidate positions. Voting on                           funding and/or development of special projects. Participation in FAW events.

               * Critique: Participate in the oral critique of others. Read selections from work-in-progress for critique at biweekly meetings.

               * Retreats: Members shall have the opportunity to participate in writing retreats as arranged by the group.


Bylaw 2

     Section 1

          Duties of Officers

               * President shall preside at all general meetings and Executive Board meetings, shall exercise general supervision over the                             affairs and activities of the group, and shall serve as a member on all committees except the nominating committees. The                               President shall appoint committee chairpersons. They shall also serve in any capacity as required elsewhere in the Constitution                   and Bylaws.

               * Vice-President shall, in absence of the President, assume all duties of the President and be an active participant or chair of                         committees and events as needed.

               * Treasurer shall receive all funds, manage the checking account, keep accurate records, make financial reports at the annual                       Business Meeting and as requested by the President. Receipts for expenses will be returned to and kept by the Treasurer.                               Receipts will be issued for all incoming funds.                

               * Secretary shall keep original minutes from the annual Business Meeting, maintain a current membership list and participate in                 other events or committees as deemed necessary. At every regular meeting, the Secretary shall maintain a list of potential                             readers at the beginning of the meeting, readers after the meeting, and those who did not read. This list will be used to prioritize                 next meeting’s readers.                            

               * An officer is expected to attend a minimum of twelve meetings per fiscal year, AND cannot miss three consecutive sessions. The                  first violation will result in probation. While on probation, they must attend at least the next three consecutive sessions to                              maintain office. An emergency election will take place to fill the vacancy within two sessions of removal, following normal                              election procedures. Enforcement falls on the President, unless the President is the offender, in which case it will fall to the vice                  president. Exceptions to be made on a case by case basis by the executive board for extenuating circumstances.

Bylaw 3

     Section 1

          Order of Business:

               1. Call to Order

               2. Old Business

               3. New Business

               4. Roll Call

               5. Critique

Bylaw 4

     Section 1

          Amendments: Proposed enhancements to the Bylaws will be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors and sponsored by two                active members. The board will investigate and make recommendations at the next meeting. Voting will proceed at said meeting                  with a simple majority of members.

Bylaw 5

     Section 1

          Dissolution: In the event of the dissolution of this organization, any remaining funds and other assets will be donated to the Flint                Public Library.

Bylaw 6

     Section 1

          This Constitution and Bylaws shall supersede all previous documents and become effective July 27, 2018.

This Constitution adopted July 8, 1983 (Revised as amended:
May, 1989; May, 1992; May, 1993; May, 1999; June, 2014, July 2018

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